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Cherry Concentrate

Those are perhaps the two most favorite words of someone seeking health joints naturally. A lot of studies have been published showing that benefits of cherry concentrate. But what exactly is cherry concentrate and how is it made? For many people, they may not know that over 70% of all of the tart cherry production comes from Michigan. In fact, the Northwestern lower peninsula of Michigan is called “Cherry Capital of the World”. This region of Michigan has over 2.5 million cherry trees and countless farms of all sizes growing this amazing little red fruit. Many of the families growing the fruit have been around for generations, thus the area offers a deep history of family loyalty. However, over the years some of the farmers have sold out their cherry orchards to residential developers to build houses, thus reducing the total number of cherries being harvested every year. On the other hand, the area has also seen an increase of new trees being planted and thus will be offsetting those being ripped from the ground to make houses. What this means is the more fruit that is available for cherry juice concentrate can be processed and produced for those seeking to enjoy an active a healthy lifestyle naturally.
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