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Cherry Juice and Melatonin Benefits

A study out of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a research study on the sleeping habits of older adults. The study was conducted on a total of 15 older participants. The individuals involved in the study drink 8 ounces of cherry juice in the morning and again in the evening for 2 weeks. In addition to the drinking the cherry juice, the participants also drink a placebo drink with no for an additional 2 week period. The individuals drinking the cherry juice reported the enjoyed a better night’s sleep and enjoyed an additional 17 minutes of sleep on average. Thus, meaning this research is an excellent starting point for millions of adults not getting a restful night’s sleep. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) sleep issue affect more than 40 million adults and another 20 million experience occasional sleep issues. The study suggests that the tart cherries’ sleep benefits could be due to the naturally occurring melatonin in the cherry. Drinking a glass of the cherry juice daily a few hours before bed could be an ideal way to get the naturally occurring sleep benefits of this fruit.
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