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Melatonin and Cherry Juice Insight

With an increasing number of individuals reporting having trouble getting a good night’s rest, many are turning to Melatonin and melatonin rich foods to for better sleep including cherry juice. According to published research the biggest downside to taking melatonin supplements  is the body may begin to compensate for the additional melatonin ingested by supplementation. Thus, the question soon becomes how to boost the benefit of this compound after a short time. So is what is another option to simply supplementing your diet with a dietary supplement? The answer would be to consume foods that contain melatonin on a daily basis. Food that are natural sources of melatonin are walnuts and cherry juice. In fact, tart cherries is nature’s leading source of naturally occurring melatonin. Here are some ideas to get melatonin into your daily routine with cherry juice, dried cherries and walnuts. Toss some dried cherries into your salad Snack on a walnut dried cherry mixture for a morning or afternoon snack Drink a glass of tart cherry juice every morning or about two hours before bed. Once you begin enjoying foods that have naturally occurring melatonin, you should be enjoying a more restful night’s sleep
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