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Health benefits of blackberries

• Blackberries especially rich in overall antioxidants, phytoestrogen value, fiber content and vitamin K content. • Due to their antioxidant value, blackberries may help in maintaining a healthy immunity system to the people who use them regularly. The antioxidants retard destructive free radical mechanisms within the body and assist with overall health. • The high level of phytoestrogens present in blackberries make them a good candidate for assisting in female health. This is the plant version of the female hormone, estrogen. Blackberries give women relief from such symptoms and also help in maintaining their proper body functioning. Additionally, these are a good natural food for women who complain about nausea and vomiting when they are pregnant. • Due to the presence of a lot of fiber content in blackberries, they are good for maintain healthy digestive function. If you are suffering from constipation regularly, then including blackberries in your diet may help with healthy bowel function. • Also, due to their benefit in maintaining digestive health, blackberries aid in weight management. They have very low sugar content in them, due to which they do not add extra calories to the body. • Also, vitamin K is necessary for maintaining proper health of bones. Blackberries—Where to Get Them Blackberries are commonly available in stores. You can find them easily if you are living in America. Canned blackberry products are available across the world as well. You can order them online too. However, the blackberries that you freshly pick from the plants and eat immediately provide you with the best health benefits. While we don't offer any blackberry juice concentrate, but we do have the cherry juice, dried cherries, cherry juice concentrate and chocolate covered blackberries.
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