Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors Videos 1 - 5

Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors Videos 1 - 5
Sep 30

Whenever a person has been diagnosed with arthritis, it is absolutely vital that they keep it moving in some type of physical activity. 

Our joints and muscles are meant to move. However, exercise doesn't have to go hardcore when working out to keep the bones and muscles strong. 

If a person can just exercise in a low impact fashion at least three times each week, you would be surprised just how much stronger you will become!  Today, we are going to be taking a look at some low impact exercises for people which suffer with arthritis.

Check out this step-by-step low impact videos to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle when your have arthritis pain.

In this video series post, you'll enjoy 5 low impact videos. Here are the titles and each video is below.

- Neck Rotation Exercises

- Chair Lunge Exercises

- Lower Back Extensions

- Finger Extensions

- Heel Toe Extensions

We also have another low-impact video series for your to enjoy. Here are the titles for the second low-impact video exercise series:

 - Dumbbell Bicep Curls

- Chair Tricep Dips

- Chair Squats

- Bent Knee Push ups

- Laying Hamstring Curl

Click Here to Watch to additional 5 low impact videos.

Neck Rotation Exercises

Lunge Chair Exercises

Lower Back Extension

 Finger Extensions

Heel Toe Extensions



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  Check with your health care provider before beginning any exercise routine.

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