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Michigan Restaurateur Magazine Quotes Owner of Traverse Bay Farms

Being in the food business offers both diverse and exciting opportunities. We love providing award winning products and creating new great tasting recipes for our customers. In addition, we are also passionate about helping others succeed in their very own food business too. Many of our customers may not know that we offer a complete course of helping people bring their very own recipes to market. While this area of our business is less popular then our award winning salsas, cherry juice concentrate, dried cherries, cherry capsules and other super fruit-based products, we get a lot of press for this venture. Not only does this help us to give-back to others by helping them create an income, but also it helps many to realize the dream of sharing their own great tasting recipe or a secret family recipe with the world. The August edition of Michigan Restaurateur quoted Andy, Director of Marketing with Traverse Bay Farms, several times in the lead article entitled: Distributing your Signature Item. Check out the entire article here: And check out our entire food coaching course at
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