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Balloons over Elk Rapids - Traverse Bay Farms

What an exciting time during the Summer months in Elk Rapids. A hot air balloon not only launched right down the street from our new Elk Rapids location, but also flew over the entire village and landed. It was really cool to see it take off and land adn enjoy the entire experience right from the front entrance to our store. In addition, a few friends of the crew even stopped by our store grabbed some cherry juice and chocolate covered cherries. It was so low you can see the flames as they brighten up the evening sky. I was able to grab to video camera and record the balloon. Check out the quick video below: If you're visting Northern Michigan, feel free to stop by and say "hi". Best of all we are only a short walk from the beach, so after you say hi, pick up some dried cherries, cherry salsa and some chips and enjoy a relaxing day on the sand. You may also want to consider picking up a bottle of cherry juice too.
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