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How Traverse Bay Farms is Helping to Fight Indentity Theft in 2013 and Beyond

We hope 2013 is off to a great start for you and yours! As the new year starts, I wanted to reach out and reveal how we at Traverse Bay Farms are helping to protect our customers against identity theft and other online threats. This allows our customers to have the confidence of ordering cherry juice, dried cherries, tart cherry capsules and more from us in a secure and confident fashion. Unfortunately, we have heard of many people over the last few years having their credit cards and even their personal identity compromised. I wanted to start 2013 by providing an overview of the Internet Security System we have put in place at Traverse Bay Farms. I know this post is a little off topic from our company mission of providing timely health and wellness information but I wanted to let our customers know how we are helping to combat identity theft and other online security issues (for your “financial” health!). We don't keep entire credit card information about our customers. The only place to access customer credit card information is through our merchant account (credit card processor).  If we need to access this information (for a credit or manual change) we only see the last four digits of the credit card number and expiration date – never the whole number. Also, regarding your private shipping information - we keep your name, address, phone and email on file. This allows for quick address verification for re-orders and way to contact you if a question arises about a pending order. That is all of the information we keep on hand on our customers.  We never rent, sell or lease our customer information to another party for any reason. To further address the website security features and identity theft protection, I have created a video to answer those issues in detail. Here is a link to the video: Thanks again and wishing you and yours a great 2013,
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