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Benefits of Cherry Juice

We have been getting a lot of emails and phone calls asking about the benefits of cherry juice. In fact, just a few months ago Dr. Oz. had a show on cherry juice and the benefits it offers. In addition to the Dr. Oz. show a number of health-related website and magazines mentioned the tart cherry and cherry juice as one of the top foods for 2013. So with all of this interest in this little red fruit, I have put together an overview on the benefits of cherry juice. In addition, I also have a video of the few minutes or so of the Dr. Oz. segment that you can check out for yourself. Here is the link to the Benefits of Cherry Juice page and the Dr. Oz segment for you to take a peek at. Just a few days ago I wrote a post on the start 2013 off right with an overview video in staying healthy. It is a great video show low-impact exercise you can use to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. This video is based on a lot of the customer feedback we received from a survey we conducted several weeks ago. Here is a link to the video for your review.
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