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Natural Remedy for Diabetes

If diabetes is a concern for you or if you know someone with diabetes check out the lastest video we uploaded in our Health and Wellness Bootcamp and online bookstore. This is a 4:19 video explains several great topics about diabetes. The videos talks about diabetes, real life people with diabetes and how they are managing this disease, and how to even stop diabetes if it is in your life. The information is in-depth and provide excellent information. For example, did you know over 26 million adults and children in the US, a whooping 8.2% of the population have diabetes. Of the 25.8 million folks with diabetes, approximately 7 million are undiagnosed. In additionl, in 2010 almost 2 million new individuals over 20 years old with diabetes where diagnosed to have the disease Here is a link to the video for you view. Also, one of the ways to get healthy is to enjoy more fruit and vegetables in your diet. However, if, due to your lifestyle you may not be able to get as much fresh fruit as you would like, check out our dried cherries, award winning fruit salsa and even some of the dried blueberries.
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