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Free Stuff from Traverse Bay Farms

It's true you can get free stuff from Traverse Bay Farms and here is how. A little while back we began the Traverse Bay Farms loyality points programs. This is a straight forward way to get free stuff. Here is how the program works: For every dollar you spend with Traverse Bay Farms, you earn one point. It doesn't matter if you place your order on our recently redesigned website, over the phone, faxed in order or through the mail. As long as you have an account already opened when you place your order (we can't credit points from previous orders if you don't have an account already opened), you'll be accumulating valuable reward points. Once you recent 350 points in your account you receive a $10 coupon to use for any future order. Best of all, we round up all of your points. For example, when you purchase two bottles of our Fruit Advantage cherry juice concentrate the cost would be $29.90 (not including any shipping costs) and rather then only crediting your account with 29 points you would receive 30 points. This means you accumulate points even faster and that's a good thing. Also, you can track your points in your account. You can log into your account here are the following address: In addition to using the above link to log into your account, if you happen to forget your login information you can simply visit the same link above and enter your email address and you'll be emailed your account login information. For security purposes, we are unable to view your information. This is an additional layer of protect for your account login information. If you haven't signed up for an account yet, set up an account today follow the link above to get set up today and start earning free stuff! ($10 coupon after reaching 350 points in your customer loyality account)
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