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No Sugar Added Natural Cherries Back in Stock

Great news...come celebrate with us, We are very excited to announce the no sugar added dried cherries are back in stock. Since the devastated cherry crop of 2012, its been a challenge to ensure all of our cherry products are available to our customers. Fortunately, due to our great relations with our suppliers, etc. we have been able to keep our products in stock. However, due to increased demand during the recent holiday season, the only cherry product that has been on out-of-stock since the beginning of the year has been the no sugar added dried cherries. But no more! We are even offering free shipping on 8 bags. Just like before, these cherries have no added sugar, but they are lightly coated in sunflower oil. Thie reason for the sunflower oil is this helps to prevent the cherries from sticking together. You can place you order online or simply call us 1-877-746-7477
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