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Nutritional Information on Select Tart Cherry Products

Knowing the nutritional information on the food you eat on a daily basis is vital to maintaing a healthy body, managing your weight and more. That is why we provide the nutritional information on all of food products so our customer know exactly what they are eating. Here is the nutritional information on several different types of tart cherry products.

Daily serving (1/4 cup – 45g) of dried tart cherries provides the following:

  • 138 Calories
  • 4.55 g protein
  • 28.9g Carbohydrates
  • .23g Fat
  Daily serving (1 oz. – 28.3g) of tart cherry juice concentrate
  • 74 Calories
  • .92 g protein
  • 17.5g Carbohydrates
  • 0g Fat
  Daily serving (1/2 cup – 67g) of frozen tart cherries
  • 28 Calories
  • .65 g protein
  • 6.35g Carbohydrates
  • .4g Fat
  Daily serving (1/2 oz. – 121g) of canned tart cherries
  • 37 Calories
  • .90 g protein
  • 8.13g Carbohydrates
  • .07g Fat
* Nutritional analysis conducted by the American Analytical Chemistry Laboratories Corporation
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