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Simple low impact exercises at home

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="313"]Cherry juice Natural Home Remedies including tart cherry juice for maintaining healthy joints and soothing sore muscles[/caption] Have received some excellent feedback from several of our customers from the post yesterday about the official launch of on natural remedy online bookstore. Here are just a few of the comments and feedback received to date: "I am impressed with all you have to offer. I like the new bookstore and video" "The new videos are very informative" I wanted to share the newest videos we hve added to our online bookstore and natural health bootcamps. They are completely free and deliver some great low impact and muscle strengthening techniques you can do right at home. Here is brief overview of the videos of low impact, muscle strengthening activities you can start with right at home. Physical Activity Getting Started Video - This video shows you tips on getting started with these at home activities. At-Home Muscle Strength Training - Wall Ups How to use the walls in your house to exercise. At-Home Muscle Strength Training - Toe lifts How to strength your calves using the stairs. At-Home Muscle Strength Training - The Superman How to strength your core by doing the "Superman" In addition to three other videos to enjoy an active lifestyle. Feel free to check all of them out at and visit the online bookstore at In addition, check this additional information on the benefits of cherry juice to help soothe sore muscle due to physical exercise.  Also, check back at the bookstore often since we will be always updating additional natural health video and information you can use right at home.
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