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Soothe Sore Muscles with Tart Cherries

[caption id="attachment_939" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Cherry Juice"]Cherry Juice Health Benefits[/caption] A highly-concentrate, fresh tart cherry juice blend has been shown to help soothe sore muscle due to physical exercise* The study was conducted at The University of Vermont with colleagues at New York’s Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma and Cornell University. The results of the study showed the tart cherry juice blend helped in preventing the symptoms of muscle pain and damage in 14 male college student participants. This was a placebo-controlled study used by the researchers.  During the study, the participants were asked to drink either bottle of the cherry juice blend or a placebo twice a day for 3 days before exercising. The 12-ounce study bottle of cherry juice contained the liquid equivalent of 50 to 60 tart cherries. The study participants were then asked to tense and flex one arm 20 times to encourage muscle contraction.  The research study asked the participants to rate the muscle soreness on a scale of one to ten. The results of the study indicated that there was a significant difference in the degree of muscle strength between the tart cherry juice product and the placebo. Those drinking the placebo, muscle strength fell by 22 percent while those drinking the cherry juice product fell by only 4 percent. In addition, the average pain score between the placebo and the cherry juice drink was 3.2 compared to only 2.4. The results indicated muscle pain was less with those that drink the cherry juice. So no matter your age, if you have sore muscles consider adding tart cherry juice to your daily diet.
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