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Sour Cherry

The sour cherry is loaded with vital minerals, nutrients and other vitamins. This eye appealing fruit is an excellent choice for enjoying a healthy diet. The bright red color combined with the tart, yet tangy taste is what made this tiny fruit the favorite among Asians, Greeks and Romans. Today, this flavor is one of the top flavors for many Americans. Brought the New World by the early settlers, this non-native fruit has lately become the “American Super Fruit”. This fruit comes in a variety of forms including dried, fresh, frozen,  capsules, powder and in cherry juice. According the published studies, the sour cherry has been discovered to have high levels of antioxidants that help the body to fight free radicals. Because of this health benefit, this fruit is an excellent alternative to more expensive and exotic fruits and berries. Here is a brief overview of some of the powerful properties found in this fruit. Anthocyanins, fiber, potassium, melatonin, iron and Vitamin A, C and E. Each one of these compound has a special purpose for delivering the natural health benefits of this ruby red fruit.
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