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The Cherry Bear from Traverse Bay Farms

Late in 2008 the local utility company trimmed many of the trees and branches along the easement on M-88 on many of the properties. Our distribution center is located on M-88 so the trees on our property were cut too. This is always a good idea since it prevents any dead branches or trees from falling on the utility lines. Unfortunately, many of the very large branches on the maple tree (we think the tree was 75 -100+ years old) in front of our distribution center were cut off. After a few months, the huge maple started to die and in early Summer 2009, the utility company returned to cut down the remaining of the tree.  However, since the tree had much history we didn't want to simply cut it down and forget all of the memories I'm sure this tree created, so we asked the utility company to leave a 14' stump.  A few months ago we, contacted a local chainsaw artist to carve a bear holding a huge cherry. I'll being uploading photos of the progess. Stay tuned.
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