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The Internet of Things Plus Cherry Prime

The Internet of Things and Cherry PrimeThe Internet of Things Plus Cherry Prime

What does the Internet of Things and Cherry Prime have in common? Over the next few years, over seventy-five million baby boomers are becoming seniors. This means about 10,000 per day will be turning 65 years old. Most of them want to enjoy the com fort of their own home as they enjoy life.. The reason that I am writing this post is due a conversation I recently had with Barbara K. from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a long-time customer and she called in to place order for another case of the Fruit Advantage Cherry Prime for her and her husband, Hank. They have been taking Fruit Advantage Cherry Prime over the past five years and she said it really helps with their arthritis pain. During our phone conversation, Barbara mentioned she was turning 65 this year and was looking forward to enjoy more time with her children and grandkids. She said she likes when they come to visit. The reason is the grandkids can play in the yard and she can sit on the front porch and “just talk” with her kids. As the conversation continued, Barbara mentioned how much she likes all of the cool technology that makes spending more time at home such a pleasure. She likes the simple door sensor Hank recently installed on the front door of her house. She said, “Now I know when Hank gets home, because the dinger goes off. I can hear it even when I am on the back patio. It makes me feel very secure.” Check out the Heath Zenith Wireless Entry Alert Chime SL-6168 But her favorite technology are the battery operated motion light sensors (Learn about the Light It!TM Motion Sensor Battery Operated LED Nightlight) they recently installed along the hallway. She said they automatically create a pathway of light as they walk along the hallway at night. The buzz-word to describe what Barbara and I discussed, in addition to the natural health benefits of Cherry Prime is called “Aging in Place”. This simply means, as people get older, they enjoy the convenient and privacy of remaining at home. I also did some research on the “Aging in Place” and wanted to share with you just a few ideas. While this has nothing to do with cherries, it is some really cool stuff. J

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things pulls all of the benefits of Aging in Place together. Thanks to modern technology advances, your mobile phone, home security system and even your coffee maker can now talk to each other. While how this technology actually works is over my head J I wanted to share a few cool things that I found. This is called the “Internet of Things”. This is where everything is connected through the internet/wireless cellular network. Best of all this new technology isn’t expensive.

Check out some of the benefits of the Internet of Things:

Diagnosing Problems

We all have had an issue when the refrigerator just wasn’t cold enough and we weren’t sure what was wrong. When this happens today, you simply send a request from your mobile phone to the manufacturer. They will then send a signal directly to your refrigerator and perform and remote diagnosis. You’ll soon know the exact reason your refrigerator isn’t cold anymore.

Remote Monitoring

For example, if you forget to turn on your dryer before leaving the house for the day. Let’s say you take the wet clothes from the washer and place them into the dryer, but you get caught up with something else before you start the dryer. With the Internet of Things you can simply send a message from your mobile phone to start your dryer while you’re away from your home. This will start the dryer and will help to prevent molding smelling clothes. This is just one example of the remote monitoring.

Energy Monitoring

Smart appliances from GE, LG and Whirlpool help to reduce energy consumption, thus reducing utility bills. These smart appliances can sound alerts for clogged lint filters, opened doors and when is the best time to run the appliance. They can actually send alerts indicating when to avoid peak hour energy costs. This allows you to operate your appliances during reduced pricing times. The Internet of Things and Cherry Prime are both pretty cool! This post is a result of the conversation I had with Barbara. I would like to say thank you to Barbara for being a customer and sharing a little about her family. Look forward to your comments. Thanks, Andy
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