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Traverse Bay Farms Announces Brenda Swanson, Creator of the 45 and Lifestyle, International Fashion Model, Natural Beauty Expert and Actress, as Director of Beauty and Positive Living

Creator of the 45 and Lifestyle, International fashion model and actress brings extensive experience on natural beauty and positive living to Traverse Bay Farms. Traverse Bay Farms, the leading provider of super fruit supplements and fruit-based products announced today Brenda Swanson, the creator of the 45 and lifestyle, international fashion model and actress has joined the company as Director of Natural Beauty and Positive Living. “Brenda represents the true meaning of embracing natural beauty from the inside-out. She has embraced the meaning of living an active and healthy lifestyle no matter what your age. In addition, she is extremely talented on sharing her insights for natural beauty secrets.” According to Ms. Swanson, “Traverse Bay Farms not only offers great tasting fruit products packed full of antioxidants to help slow the aging process, but their line of super fruit supplements offer a complete selection of condition specific natural solutions to support beauty from the inside out. They also offer allot of great information on how to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. I look forward to working closely with everyone at Traverse Bay Farms. ” Brenda Swanson brings over 30 years of natural beauty experience. She is also an the Creator of the 45 and lifestyle, an international fashion model and actress. In addition, she trains celebrities on living a healthy and natural lifestyle. Ms. Swanson has graced the pages of numerous magazines and has been featured on the cover of Shape Magazine. Brends loves drinking cherry juice every morning for her muscles and joints.
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