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Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage - Offers Triple Cash Savings on Select Super Fruit Products

Traverse Bay Farms is the first and only company in the cherry industry to offer triple cash savings to customers. The company has announced they will continue to offer free shipping, quantity discounts and free products on several of its super fruit based products. These deals will remain in effect throughout the remainder of the January and perhaps beyond. Here is a brief overview of the triple cash saving deals offered by Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage: Cash Savings #1: Free shipping is being offered on the tart cherry juice concentrate, dried super fruits and the complete line of Fruit Advantage super fruit supplements. Traverse Bay Farms is the only company in the cherry juice industry to offer free shipping tart cherry juice concentrate. This competition crushing free shipping offer is available on 6 bottles of the Fruit Advantage tart cherry juice concentrate. According to Andy LaPointe, Director of Marketing, “, depending on the customers location, this free shipping deal is a savings of over $15 in shipping costs”  In addition, to offering free shipping on tart cherry juice concentrate, the company is offering free shipping on 4 lbs of dried super fruits (tart cherry, wild blueberry, red raspberry and strawberry) and it entire line of Fruit Advantage super fruit supplements including the patented Cherry Prime formulation. Cash Savings #2: Quantity discounts are being offered on tart cherry juice and Fruit Advantage super fruit supplements. When customers purchase more, they save more. For example, customers can save over $110 when they purchase select cases of Fruit Advantage super fruit supplements including Tart Cherry Joint Formula, Wild Blueberry Brain Support, Pomegranate Heart Health, Cherry Prime and the cranberry /flaxseed Women’s Formula. Cash Savings #3: Free products are available on the entire line of Fruit Advantage Super Fruit supplements. Mr. LaPointe stated, “Everyone enjoys receiving something for free, especially if it is of extremely high value. For example, when someone purchases just 9 bottles of our Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Joint Formula they receive three additional bottles free. The exclusive offer is available for our entire line of Fruit Advantage super fruit supplement.” As 2010 begins, families and individuals are looking for ways to save money and now they get triple cash saving from Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage. Check out the offer pages:
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