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Traverse Bay Farms Included in Two Nationally Published Book

Mother Nature’s remedies are the fast becoming the first choice for many individuals looking for a proven way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle naturally. This means as more people look for natural solutions, they will be seeking out proven and credible sources. If you are one of those individuals looking for a provider with proven track record of delivering natural remedy solutions, check out Bottom Line publications. Bottom Line publications is a leading provider of natural solutions for everyday ailments. They have a long history of delivering education both online and offline. They also have an outstanding series of healthy living publications including Bottom Line health and a number of books. During the writing of these books each author conducts in-depth research on the natural remedies to be included in the book. This is to ensure the remedies included the book have more than just word-of-mouth benefits. If this comprehensive research is successful and the natural solution passes the test, it is included in the book. The reason for sharing this with you is because Bottom Line publications has selected our tart cherry products including the tart cherry juice, dried tart cherries and tart cherry capsules to be include in two recently published books. Our cherry products are included in the chapters on maintaining healthy joint function. The two titles include Treasury of Home Remedies and Natural Cures and Breakthroughs in Natural Healing 2012. To learn more, check out the page below:
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