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Vegceuticals – The Evolution of Vegetables

From early man to modern times, vegetables have been a vital part of a maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Although it wasn’t until recently that we better understand the “why” vegetables are so good for us and “why” we should enjoy them daily. Thanks to the dedication of modern food researchers and food technology we are now able to figure out how to best incorporate vegetables into a healthy daily diet. One popular way to encourage healthy eating is the "5-A-Day for Better Health" program. This is a simple, yet effective way that educates why is important to consume your daily serving of fruits and vegetables. While vegetables are good for you, they also deliver specific condition-specific natural health benefits. The mission of is to share the natural health benefits of vegetables. This will be accomplished by providing in-depth research information on condition-specific health solutions of vegetables. In addition, to research news and information, you’ll also learn how to incorporate vegetables into every meal of the day with great tasting recipes. So let’s take a closer look at a few examples of the power vegetables are with condition-specific health remedies. For example, did you know that kale delivers more iron per calorie than beef? This simply means if you want to get more iron with fewer calories, kale is the way to go. In addition, kale is a potent source of fiber. A single serving provides 5% of the daily recommended value and 2 grams of protein. Kale is simply one example of powerful health benefits vegetables provide. Kale can be an excellent substitute for iceberg lettuce for additional taste and more nutritional value per serving. In addition, this leafy green veggie can be enjoyed with any lettuce wrap recipe. Another great example is the sweet potato. This orange-colored veggie is also a good source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. The natural presence of the fiber helps to regulate your digestive system and keep you regular. In addition, vitamin A is vital for maintaining a healthy immune system and cell growth. While, vitamin C protects the body against wrinkles in the skin, cardiovascular disease and supports eye health. Enjoying sweet potatoes fries instead of regular potato fries not only enhance the flavor, but you’ll enjoy the refreshing naturally sweet taste. In addition, to specific health benefits vegetables are usually simpler to grow when compared to fruit. Vegetables can be grown on your deck or is small areas like a patio. The reason is vegetables can be grown in containers or in wooden pallets. The website will be launched June 1st, 2014 and will contain vegetable specific health reports and informative health related articles. In addition, the website will contain a number of step-by-steps manuals on multiple subjects including growing vegetables in containers, dehydrating vegetables and more.   Traverse Bay Farms has announced a joint partnership with to promote the natural health benefits of vegetables.
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