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What are Tart Cherry Supplements?

Tart Cherry SupplementsSince we offer a number of different cherry-based products including tart cherry juice concentrate, dried cherries, cherry extract and tart cherry supplements. One question we have been asked a lot lately but our current customers and new customers is what are tart cherry supplements? Tart cherry supplements are a popular way to enjoy the benefits of the Montmorency tart cherry. Not only do they a number of usability benefits, but they actually deliver more of the powerful benefits of this fruit when compared to eating the fresh fruit, the dried or drinking the juice. So let’s take a closer look at what these an ideal way choice.

The Production Process:

At Traverse Bay Farms, we use a proprietary production process we call FruiTraction. There are basically two ways to product tart cherry powder. The raw powder is used to produce the tart cherry supplements. These two options including a drum dry process and what we call the FruiTraction process.

What is Drum-dried?

During the drum-dried process the raw fruit processed by high-capacity drum. The fruit rotates through two or more drums and as it is processed it is turned into a powder or a flake. Since heat used during this process, some of the value of the fruit is lost during the production process.

The FruiTraction Process

This process starts with IQF (Individually Quick Frozen Fruit). Using pressure and a refrigerated vacuum system, the fruit is processed without thawing. By using this process, the cell structure of the fruit remains intact and the finished product retains nutritional value, flavor and color of the original raw cherry, when compared to other dying processes. Here is a quick snapshot of the benefits of the FruiTraction process.
  • Retains the flavor
  • Retain nutritional value
  • Delivers the antioxidant and health benefit values
Once the powder is produced, it is them encapsulated into an vegan-capsule to create the tart cherry supplement. In addition, to the capsules, we also have the tart cherry powder in a 4 oz. pouch. This is an ideal choice for those looking at add the benefits of this fruit to a smoothie or sprinkle over food like yogurt or oatmeal. Here is a link that further explains the FruiTraction process. This page also have a link to our Good Manufacturing Flow Chart. This is a visual representation of the encapsulation work flow of the raw powder to create the tart cherry supplements.
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