How Cherry Juice Works

How Cherry Juice Works
Mar 19
Tart Cherry Juice

How does cherry juice really work?

Even with the advancements in food research technology, food scientists and researchers are still not 100% confident on how natural remedies really work.

However, we do have a very good understanding how specific ingredients interact with the human body. So let’s take an in-depth look in how tart cherry juice works. The first area to take a look at is what in the fruit itself.

According to research there are numerous compounds and sub-compounds ranging from standard free-radical fighting antioxidants to more unique compounds. For example, tart cherries are one of nature’s top sources of naturally occurring antioxidants. This is why this fruit is fast becoming the first choice for those looking to improve their sleep.

In addition, while all fruit have anthocyanins in them, the anthocyanins found in the cherry also offers a unique benefit. Michigan State University was on the first research universities to discover the presence and advantages of the presence of the polyphenol.

In fact, over 10 years ago, the research team at the University published a research report indicating the anthocyanins in tart cherries provide joint health benefits of ten times more powerful than aspirin.

Maybe this is way individuals searching for ways to soothe achy joints are turning to drinking cherry juice daily. Finally, it may also help to soothe sore muscles. One of the reason may be the presence of potassium.

Research has indicated the a deficiency in this ingredient could result in loose of muscle strength. Potassium actually helps to energize your muscles and help relief soreness. This may be the reason why professional athletes, weekend warriors and everyday individuals are enjoying a glass of this tangy, red juice daily.

However, since each mineral and antioxidant offers a different health benefit, the secret to the healing benefits of cherry juice isn’t how they work independently of each other, but how they work together. Maybe this is why cherry industry experts and researchers have stated it’s the how all of the compounds work synergistically together to deliver the health benefits.

The anthocyanins help maintain healthy joints, the potassium helps with muscle recovery and the melatonin assists with sleep. So when people get a restful night’s sleep the body is able to recover faster. If the body is sleeping, the joints are getting healthy and the muscles are recovering. Enjoy a glass of cherry juice today!

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