What Will Life Look Like in America Once the Shelter-in-Place Orders Ends?

What Will Life Look Like in America Once the Shelter-in-Place Orders Ends?
Apr 18

“Flatten the curve” has been top of mind for almost everyone for the past several weeks. But the question is what will happen after the curve flattens and the shelter-in-place orders end? While there is no master plan to get us back to where we were, in this article, I’ll provide some insight and ideas for you.

States across America have experienced shelter-in-place at different times and different levels of illnesses. However, one thing remains constant, this widespread outbreak will probably change life as we know it.

Below are ways our world will probably change going forward:

Bar and Restaurants

Once the quarantine ends, many will probably want to hit their favorite drinking spot or restaurant, but don’t be surprised if your favorite watering hole has changed. The first change is the restricted capacity limits for seating and total number of people allowed in a food establishment.

The biggest goals of food establishments will be to establish trust with patrons. People what to know they will be safe when they eat out. You’ll probably notice no silver wear, no napkins, a lack of a tablecloth and no empty water glasses on your table as you sit down. These will be brought to you once you sit down.

Also, you’ll notice the sanitizing of tables and chairs between patrons. Also, no more street clothes in the kitchen area. You’ll notice the chefs will be wearing gloves, masks and even protective clothing.

Finally, you’ll probably see expanded take-out menu completed with candles, wine and more so you can enjoy the “going-out” experience in your own home.

Hotel and Travel

The high volume of people in shared places like airplanes, trains, cruises and hotel will take a while for people to use these types of business at first. Hotels, for example, will seating areas in the lobby areas and only allow a few people in an evaluator. Frequent travelers, with concierge-lounge access, will see food selections reduced and no more self-serve food selections in the concierge-lounge.


Retail was hit especial hard. Many brick-and-mortar stores will not reopen. Even though online shopping has exploded since the outbreak began, only 15% of total shopping is done online. This mean 85% of all shopping is still done the old fashion way. That is walking into a store, browsing and picking out what you want.

As the economy begins to re-open, many stores will limit the number of customers any given time in a store. In addition, their will be designated shopping flow patterns through aisles.

This means you’ll soon find aisles to one-way only. You’ll be directed through the store in a pre-determined shopping flow to limit people from passing each other. Many retail stores will follow the Ikea shopping model.

In addition, more stores will be offering their products online. For example, Traverse Bay Farms, a gourmet food store in Northern Michigan offers a complete line of nationally award winning gourmet food products, cherry juice concentrate, dried cherries and more.

Not only do they have two retail stores but a strong online presence. They can ship any number of their nationally award winning food products and cherry juice concentrate to your door with free shipping.

Jobs and Employment

Remote working and learn from home will be the future. Many of the jobs lost, may take a long time to return. This means online retraining and learn from home will be key for individuals. The areas of the economy that will bounce back and fast will be grocery, distribution and warehousing, pharmacies, transportation and medicine.

Telemedicine, telefinance, telebusiness and the like will soon be the fastest growing sectors.


Gyms will need to offer social distancing. This may mean every other stationary bike or treadmill will be removed and wiped down more often. Thus, offering additional space between individuals while working out.

Gyms will soon launch online classes. They will offer lending services for their gym equipment. You’ll be able to rent gym equipment that is delivered to your home monthly.


Over the past decade, online learning and education has been slow. Most of the services focused on offering college-level educations and degree. However, you’ll soon find more learn from home opportunities for a number of different skills including woodworking, how to play the guitar and more.

Social Gathering

Funeral, weddings, baby showers will soon be enjoyed virtually. Although humans are very social, this may be accomplished with digital technology. It’s common sense to look for way to be social while the country in recovering and virtual social gathers could be part of the answer.

Sports and Entertainment Venues

Major league sports, local sporting events and even concerts will soon see more online streaming. Concerts, baseball, hockey and even the Friday night high school football game will have increased spacing for attendees.

This probably means more will be having in-home viewing parties with close friends and family. While it is not the same as attending the event, at least we will be able to watch with other humans.

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