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Get Two Free Bags of Gluten Free Tortilla Chips

Gluten-Free Tortilla ChipsCelebrate National Taco Day with two free bags of 1.5oz. gluten free tortilla chips from Traverse Bay Farms when you place an order for any of our award winning fruit or gourmet salsa. That’s right…chips and salsa is a great way to celebrate anytime, but National Taco Day makes it even more fun! Place an order that includes any of our award winning salsa’s between now until Tuesday, October 8th midnight and we’ll include two free bags of our 1.5oz gluten free tortilla chips. This is a $3.00 value. You’ll not only enjoy our award winning salsa, but our recently released tortilla chips not only taste great but are crisp and light and best of all gluten free. Although we only introduced these chips a month or so ago, many of our stores are already reordering the due to the high demand from their customers. They will soon be available from our website for our online customers place orders too. But we wanted to offer them free when you purchase any of our salsas to celebrate National Taco Day. Also, don't forget to download your free copy of our salsa cookbook. The link to download this recipe-packed book is below. It contains over 30 great tasting make a home salsa recipes.  

History of the Taco

tacophotoWhile the true history and origination of the taco is unknown, is it believed that the word taco dates back the 1700’s in the silver mines in Mexico. The word taco was used to define tiny explosives that were used to help the workers extract the silver. Basically it was gunpowder wrapped in pieces of paper and the taco was then placed between rocks and the fuse was lite. The first dictionary reference to the taco was on the 1800’s. It was described as a taco de minero or miner’s taco. This strengths the folklore and the link of the source of the origination to the silver mines. However, another folklore is the region of the Valley of Mexico. This area is basically the eastern half of the State of Mexico. This area included the ancient civilizations’ of including Teotihuacan, the Toltec, and the Aztec’s. The inhabitants of the area ate tacos filled with fish or a variety of insects. The taco became commercialized in the United States by Taco Bell in 1962. Since them the company has popularized a number of Tex-Mex recipes. Check out these fun facts about tacos:
  • The word taco in Mexican basically means sandwich in English
  • Americans ate 4.5 billion tacos in 2012.
  • The birthplace of the fish taco is Ensenada, Mexico.
  • Breakfast tacos are served in numerous restaurants in the American Southwest.
  • The most popular taco variety in Mexico is the Taco al Pastor. It is cooked over an open flame and consists of slivers of pork.

Free Salsa Cookbook Bonus

Also, check out this free salsa cookbook. It's packed with a number of great tasting recipes you can make right at home.  Best of all you can get a copy of this Salsa Cookbook for free. Also, by adding in a drop of cherry juice in your homemade cherry salsa, it brings out an intense cherry flavor, too!    
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