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May 05
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these great tasting fruit salsa recipes from Traverse Bay Farms
Jan 09

Did you know their are 4 things that make a great salsa? That's right! Salsa is one of the favorite condiments for a number of people. Not only does it add great taste to almost any meal, it's a fat-free food, too. However, with all of the different types of salsas available what makes one salsa taste great, while another simply tastes like ketchup? We believe their are four things that make a great salsa and here they are: The aroma of the salsa. When you first open the jar of salsa or have a bowl of salsa brought to your table while...

Oct 09
Grab a free copy of the Traverse Bay Farms Halloween Recipe Cookbook.
Jun 23

Cherry Berry on a Cloud is a great recipe to enjoy during the summer months. Best of all the ingredients are common and you can get really creative with all of the toppings you add to the finished recipe. Best of all of the topping can be a variety of fresh local fruit so this recipe will never be the same. Even though is tastes great, it does take a little bit of time to make this recipe, but it is well worth it. The nice thing about this recipe is most of the time it takes to make the...

Dec 07
Grab a copy of two free Christmas recipe cookbooks. Great tasting recipes for Christmas including desserts and Christmas candy.
Oct 04

Celebrate National Taco Day with two free bags of 1.5oz. gluten free tortilla chips from Traverse Bay Farms when you place an order for any of our award winning fruit or gourmet salsa. That’s right…chips and salsa is a great way to celebrate anytime, but National Taco Day makes it even more fun! Place an order that includes any of our award winning salsa’s between now until Tuesday, October 8th midnight and we’ll include two free bags of our 1.5oz gluten free tortilla chips. This is a $3.00 value. You’ll not only enjoy our award winning salsa, but our recently...

Sep 20

With the fall weather fast approaching, there will be some great tasting and healthy foods only available during the fall season. In this post, I would like to share with you five of the some most delicious and healthy foods to enjoy. Apples The old adage “an apple add keeps the doctor away” is still true today. In addition to being a great tasting snack an apple delivers almost 14% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C. This tasty tree fruits are also an excellent source fiber. Here is a breakdown of fiber in different apple sizes: Small apple...

May 23
If you’re looking for a fast way to get the great fruit taste of cherry juice, you can’t afford to miss this post. The reason is you’ll learn some creative ways the not only enjoy a glass of tart cherry juice but also how to get it fast. These ideas will share how to cherry juice ready whenever you are.
Mar 01
Great Tasting Cherry Recipes for Breakfast
Dec 27
These make a pretty addition to holiday cookie trays. Greating tasting cherry flavor butter cookies. They make a great addition to your holiday recipe book.
Dec 27
Cherry Cheesecake Recipe - Swirls of cherry make this cheesecake better than "visions of sugarplums."
Dec 27
Great tasting and looking Christmas and Holiday treats for all ages. Easy and quick to make for any holiday event.
Dec 03
Tart Cherry Holiday Recipes - Cherry Spiced Cider
Nov 30
Tart Cherry Recipes - Cherry Orange Poppy Seed Muffins