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Oct 16

The Four Seasons of Tart Cherries: As we approach the end of the warm summer days and now are approaching the cool fall evening and cold winter days, I wanted to share the different seasons of the tart cherries. Each season of the year offers a number benefits to the growth, quality and quantity of the Montmorency tart cherries grown right here in Northern Michigan. Check out how the spring weather helps to bring the cherry blossoms out, while the cold winter months actually helps the cherry trees to sleep and rejuvenate for another year of growing Montmorency tart cherries....

Jan 29
Brrr, it's cold outside
Aug 13
Traverse City Michigan voted among the top 10 small towns in America.
Jan 31
Did you know that over 50 millions in America are affected by arthritis pain? This means about 1 in 5 adults live with arthritis pain. Yet, simple physical activity helps many to manage arthritis and joint pain, but some are sure which activity to safely implement into a daily activity. Check out the Traverse Bay Farms health and wellness online bookstore and bootcamp section
Jan 18
Blackberries are among the richest fruits from nature’s nutritional bounty. Though they are primarily wild berries, they have been cultivated extensively in recent years, especially after their health benefits have been unearthed.
Dec 12

In this post I would like share the natural health information about Maqui berries. Just like the tart cherries and cherry juice, this tiny berry is packed full of amazing natural health benefits. However, unlike the Montmorency tart cherry and cherry juice, it's not grown domestically in the United States. Maqui Berry Information The very tiny maqui berries have earned a fantastic reputation due to their great health benefits. It is difficult to see how a single berry can be equipped with such natural goodness. But a cursory glance into the maqui berry can tell you… nature gives us those...

Nov 29
Why are we emphasizing on berries over all other foods here? What is it that makes berries special? Tart cherries and cherry juice also make an excellent addition to you daily diet. Here are some answers. Know The Facts Quite understandably, most people reading this e-Book may think why we are focusing on berries over other foods. Nature has a lot of goodness to offer, then why berries in particular? To answer that, it would be ideal for you to first know the benefits that berries can provide you with.
Nov 10
Berries are such fabulously nutrient-rich foods, but they are available all over the planet in some form or the other. They grow in tropical as well as temperate climates. There are still several berry species within the rainforests that have not been properly discovered so far. So, one thing can be said about them—berries are something that we will never have a paucity of.
Oct 15
The U Pick cherries season has come to an end and many are wonder were they can get the fresh fruit now the season is over.
Sep 09
Learn the difference between cherry juice and cherry juice extract