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Mar 13
The acai (written with accents as açaí and pronounced as ah-saa-yee) is a berry that grows naturally in the Brazil region of the Amazonian rainforest
Mar 16

For individuals suffering from arthritis, two main goals seem to be top of mind when managing this disease. The first is pain management, while the second is reducing the progression. Depending on the type of pain, its severity and where it originates, managing pain can be as simple as soaking the afflicted areas in warm water and Epsom salt. However, it also it can be very complex, too. For example, managing a hurting ankle is less complex than treating the syndrome of fibromyalgia. The first step in pain management is to assemble your team. This means your approach encompasses a...

Oct 16

The Four Seasons of Tart Cherries: As we approach the end of the warm summer days and now are approaching the cool fall evening and cold winter days, I wanted to share the different seasons of the tart cherries. Each season of the year offers a number benefits to the growth, quality and quantity of the Montmorency tart cherries grown right here in Northern Michigan. Check out how the spring weather helps to bring the cherry blossoms out, while the cold winter months actually helps the cherry trees to sleep and rejuvenate for another year of growing Montmorency tart cherries....

Aug 30
If you're wondering about cherry juice benefits, you can't afford to miss this informative article. Learn how the tart cherry and cherry juice benefits muscle pain, joint pain and more.
Jul 01
Fresh tart cherries and sweet cherries are almost ready for picking
Jun 10
Here is a list to consider when deciding which is the best cherry juice concentrate for your and your health needs:
May 23
If you’re looking for a fast way to get the great fruit taste of cherry juice, you can’t afford to miss this post. The reason is you’ll learn some creative ways the not only enjoy a glass of tart cherry juice but also how to get it fast. These ideas will share how to cherry juice ready whenever you are.
Mar 28
Learn how bees help to pollinate tart cherry trees for the production of tart cherry juice.
Feb 11
Valentines Day is only a few days away and to help you celebrate this romantic day, I wanted to reach out and offer a free Valentine's Day Cherry Recipe book (valued at $9.95). This free downloadable Valentine's Day Cherry cookbook is packed with over 30 easy-to-make and great-tasting cherry recipes.
Feb 06
The red tart cherry is a natural source of melatonin and a lot of people are starting to drink the cherry juice for sleep benefits. I just wrote a great article about the cherry juice sleep benefits. It includes information on published research regard a two week study conducted on older adults and how drinking cherry juice helped the participants in the study to get an average of 17 minutes more of sleep.