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Fast Cherry Juice Ideas

Fast Cherry Juice Ideas If you’re looking for a fast way to get the great fruit taste of cherry juice, you can’t afford to miss this post. The reason is you’ll learn some creative ways the not only enjoy a glass of tart cherry juice but also how to get it fast. These ideas will share how to cherry juice ready whenever you are. By enjoying a glass of this great tasting juice, you’re not only getting the natural health benefits provided, but also replenishing your body with much needed water on a daily basis. Check out these quick ideas so you can have cherry juice all ready to go when you are during the crazy busy summer months. #1: Grab-n-Go Option: Use pre-mixed bottled water. Since the size of the most bottled water bottles are 16.9 ounces, you’ll add four tablespoons, two ounces, to bottled water and simply shake the bottle to mix the freshly added cherry juice concentrate with the water in the bottle. Once added, place the bottles in the refrigerator and they will be ready for you to grab-n-go. #2: Frozen Option: Simply add one ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate to each of the spaces in an ice cube tray then add water. Place in ice cube tray in the freeze overnight and you’ll always have cherry juice flavored ice to add to any summer drink. Also, if you don’t have chilled wine on hand, you can simply drop in a cherry juice ice cube in a glass of chardonnay. #3: Add 112 ounces of water to a gallon pitcher and then add a bottle of Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry Juice concentrate to make a gallon of reconstituted tart cherry juice. This will be ready to enjoy when friends and family drop by during a lazy summer afternoon. #4: Fast, Fruit Cherry Juice Flavoring: Marinate your ready-to-grill vegetable. Simply pour in a few ounces of tart cherry juice concentrate into a large mixing bowl and then add your favorite grilling vegetables. I’ve used fresh mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, onions and even apples for this simple and great tasting recipe. Mix the vegetables with the cherry juice concentrate and then place in the refrigerator. After 10 – 15 minutes, take out the mix and add to the grill. You’ll find the vegetables will have a light, cherry flavoring, but it won’t overpower the natural taste of the vegetable itself. This is a great way to spice up simple vegetable and get them ready for the grill.  
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