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Nov 11
New research has been published from the School of Life Sciences at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom. The research was conducted on Montmorency tart cherry juice and indicates that tart cherry juice may help to significantly increase the levels of melatonin in the body naturally. The findings of the research could benefit a number of individuals including those with jet lag, workers on swing shift and more.
Nov 10
Berries are such fabulously nutrient-rich foods, but they are available all over the planet in some form or the other. They grow in tropical as well as temperate climates. There are still several berry species within the rainforests that have not been properly discovered so far. So, one thing can be said about them—berries are something that we will never have a paucity of.
Nov 07
These berries, which are actually blue in color, are known for their very high antioxidant content. The berries get their blue color because of the high amount of plant nutrients present in them, which are known as anthocyanidins. These natural ingredients are responsible for the natural antioxidant action of the berries. The blueberry performs an impressive task in repairing the wear and tear that takes place in the body. Its high antioxidant content eliminates free radical action and keeps the body in its highest state of functioning at all times.
Nov 03

Very understandably, most men and women reading this post might believe we are exclusively concentrating on berries and cherries over other foods. Simply, yes we are! The reason is Mother Nature has a whole lot of goodness to give and with berries specifically? In addition, we want to share with you the benefits that berries can provide you. The Health Advantages of Cherries and Berries Berries are full of powerful anthocyanins, especially the berries that have a darker color. Anthocyanins are the pigments that give them this color and they are present in cherry juice. But, at the same time,...

Nov 02

Where to buy black cherry juice It seems no matter where you look online or in the store you may see the black cherry juice or also commonly referred to as the sweet cherry juice. This variety of the juice is of course made from cherries, but they are off the black or sweet variety and not the tart or red variety. The tart is also referred to as the sour or pie cherry too. While many reasons exist, one of the reason is the sweet one have been on the market for a number of more years. This means word...

Oct 28
This increased fascinated with tart cherries and even tart cherry products it isn't just due to the increasing selection of food researchers executing excellent research on tart cherries but also to the greater word of mouth promotion of the amazing super fruit. As word spread this simple super fruit is getting more popular. Stories of the tart cherry’s ability to maintain healthy joint function* and other health benefits has long been passed from generation to generation; from mom to daughter and from father to son.
Oct 25
The sweet cherry juice, also referred to as the black cherry juice is used by many people to help maintain healthy juice function. However, unlike the Montmorency tart cherry juice that is used to produce our juice it contains more naturally occurring sugar. In addition, the tart, also called the sour or red, variety has had more research conducted on the natural health benefits when compared to volume of published research on the sweet variety. So not only does the sour have more research published research it is an excellent first choice for those looking to naturally reduce the amount of sugar intake.
Oct 24
The tart cherry is available in a number of different products including the fresh fruit, the liquid concentrate, frozen, dried, pureed, cherry capsules the powder. With all of the different types of products available from this ruby red fruit what are and tart cherry extract benefits?
Oct 20
We get a lot of calls and emails from our customers asking where to find recipes for the tart cherries and cherry juice. We have put together some excellent recipes anyone can use for any meal of the day.
Oct 15
The U Pick cherries season has come to an end and many are wonder were they can get the fresh fruit now the season is over.
Oct 11
When we started Traverse Bay Farms over 10 years ago only a handful of cherry juice brands existed on the market. Most the brands available from companies based where in Northwest lower Michigan. Over the years several of the companies that existed have gone out of business or changed their product lines and dropped this antioxidant fruity drink.
Oct 07
Discover where to buy cherry juice concentrate and how it compares to other fruit juices.
Sep 30
A healthy eating plan that helps you manage your weight include a wide variety of foods you may not have considered.
Sep 28
What are the health benefits of tart cherries? That is a question we get asked a lot. So what exactly is this tiny red super fruit good for? This informative post will answer that question.