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Cherry Juice Sleep Benefits

New research has been published from the School of Life Sciences at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom. The research was conducted on Montmorency tart cherry juice and indicates that tart cherry juice may help to significantly increase the levels of melatonin in the body naturally. The findings of the research could benefit a number of individuals including those with jet lag, workers on swing shift and more. The study was led by Dr Glyn Howatson and conducted on 20 healthy volunteers. Each of the volunteers drank a 30ml serving of either tart cherry juice or a placebo juice twice a day for seven days. Before and after the trail period the researchers collect from each of participant’s urine samples to determine the amount of melatonin before and after the test. Melatonin helps to maintain healthy sleep patterns and tart cherries are natural source of this antioxidant. What is interesting is the participants wore an actigraphy watch sensor. This sensor helps to monitor their sleep and wake cycles and keep a daily diary of the participants sleep patterns. The actigraphy device on the participants who consumed cherry juice registered an increase of about 15 minutes in bed, 25 minutes added to their total sleep time and an impressive 5% - 6% increase in their sleep efficiency. Sleep efficiency is a global measure of sleep quality of an individual. In addition the juice drinkers also reported less daytime napping time when compared to their normal sleep habits and less when compared to the placebo group. According to the lead researcher, Dr. Howatson, this is the first study to show a direct link and direct evidence tart Montmorency cherry juice concentrate, when supplemented into your daily diet may lead to an increase in healthy sleep patterns. In addition to assisting with circulating melatonin in sleep amongst healthy adults. Dr Howatson also stated said: "We were initially interested in the application of tart cherries in recovery from strenuous exercise. Sleep forms a critical component in that recovery process, which is often forgotten.” This is excellent news for the countless number of individuals looking for a natural way to maintain healthy sleep patterns. In the end, this published research further shows that tart cherry juice may be used to help healthy adults to get a healthy night’s sleep. So with the publication of this research, we can learned another secret Mother Nature has provide in her infinite wisdom how we can use natural products to maintain healthy and active lifestyles.
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