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Cherry Juice and Maqui Berries

In this post I would like share the natural health information about Maqui berries. Just like the tart cherries and cherry juice, this tiny berry is packed full of amazing natural health benefits. However, unlike the Montmorency tart cherry and cherry juice, it's not grown domestically in the United States. Maqui Berry Information The very tiny maqui berries have earned a fantastic reputation due to their great health benefits. It is difficult to see how a single berry can be equipped with such natural goodness. But a cursory glance into the maqui berry can tell you… nature gives us those good health benefits in small packages. Good Health Comes in Small Packages Maqui berries are usually talked upon with great fervor by health proponents of the world today. The berries also look almost similar to the acai, only they are darker and tinier. These berries are grown in the temperate parts of the world and have a high level of antioxidants as well. Maqui Berries—What Are They? The maqui berry is a very dark purple colored berry that grows in the temperate rainforest regions of Chile. Successful efforts have already been made to cultivate the berry in other parts of the world though. The berry, a Chilean native, is often referred to as the Chilean wineberry. Its biological name is Aristotelia chilensis. Maqui Berries—Traditional Roots The maqui berry has been a favorite among Chileans since centuries. Today, medical experts believe the reason for the attractive physiques and general good health of the Latin Americans are on account of their natural diet, which has always been rich in antioxidant-rich foods such as the maqui berry. The berry has been a traditional favorite of several Chilean tribes, but most notably the Mapuche tribe, who prepared a beverage known as chicha using this berry. Maqui Berries—Health Benefits • Like all the berries that we are going to describe in this posting series, the maqui berry is also laden with a lot of health benefits. Here is a list of the most prominent of them. • The maqui berry can improve the energy level of the body. People who consume this berry, such as the local Chileans, are always characterized by high energy and the ability to do more activity. • The berry has a large amount of metabolic richness in it. It promotes the functioning of the digestive system, leading to better digestive ability. The nutrients present in the berry, such as fibers, plant sterols, monounsaturated fats and such help in enhancing the digestive function of the body. Thus, food is digested to a better level. • Due to better digestion, the maqui berry is useful in weight loss as well. Better digestion of food leads to better fat burning and prevents any retention of food in the body. • Another very important benefit of the maqui berry is that it can in maintaining healthy cardiovascular function of the body. Also due to the antioxidants present in the maqui berry, which leads to overall health enhancement as well. • The maqui berry is important in detoxifying the body. There are various harmful substances that get built up in the body at all times. By removing these substances, the berry can cleanse the system internally. It can cleanse the colon, which goes a long way in maintaining the right health of the individual. • Even as far as maintaining mental health is concerned, the maqui berry is quite effective. Regular consumption of this berry can help the normal functioning of the brain. People’s mental energy levels are perked up and they can think better and clearer. Maqui Berries—Where to Get Them The maqui berry has a longer shelf life than the acai berry, and that makes it possible for it to be shipped out of its native land. The maqui berry itself is available in its natural form in a few selected stores and can be ordered online as well. Products such as jams that have maqui berry in it are also fairly easily available.
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