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Where to buy black cherry juice

Where to buy black cherry juice It seems no matter where you look online or in the store you may see the black cherry juice or also commonly referred to as the sweet cherry juice. This variety of the juice is of course made from cherries, but they are off the black or sweet variety and not the tart or red variety. The tart is also referred to as the sour or pie cherry too. While many reasons exist, one of the reason is the sweet one have been on the market for a number of more years. This means word has been out longer in the dark variety compared to the tart. In addition, for many the tart cherry juice may be "to tart" for some people's taste. However, the health benefits of tart has a lot more research supporting it then the sweet. In fact, the one of the first recorded studies about the natural health benefits of cherry juice was reported back in the 1950's. A retired doctor conducted a self-imposed study and recorded the results. One the results were recorded a promenient medical journal published them. Thus, leading to the first recorded and published trial of of the dark juice. However, in most recent times, it is the tart variety that has caught the attention of researchers and medical universities. Many of them have conduct research for maintaining healthy joint function*, maintaining healthy sleep patterns*, soothing sore muscles due to physical exercise and more*. Best of all, this modern research reinforces what was discovered back in the 50's and that was the cherry offers a number natural health benefits. Some both the black juice and the tart cherry juice has published research, however in most recent times the sour variety is the one with more research. Here is a video explaining the sweet and tart for your review:
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