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Mar 16

For individuals suffering from arthritis, two main goals seem to be top of mind when managing this disease. The first is pain management, while the second is reducing the progression. Depending on the type of pain, its severity and where it originates, managing pain can be as simple as soaking the afflicted areas in warm water and Epsom salt. However, it also it can be very complex, too. For example, managing a hurting ankle is less complex than treating the syndrome of fibromyalgia. The first step in pain management is to assemble your team. This means your approach encompasses a...

Jan 21

Since we started Traverse Bay Farms over 12 years ago, the word about the natural health benefits of tart cherry juice is getting out. This Michigan-grown, ruby red superfruit have been featured in numerous websites, blogs, newspaper articles, on television and cherry juice was talked about on the popular Dr. Oz. daytime show. In addition, our cherry-based products have been included in two nationally published natural health books, on radio, television and more. This means more and more people are interested in learning as much as they can about this amazing tart and sweet drink. It also seems that more and more people...

Jan 15
This video will provide specific, easy to understand and implement a weekly physical activity guide. For example did you know the average adult should get about 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. Best of all this quick video provides some excellent tips you can begin to use today.
Jul 23
Learn how to manage your weight with fruits and vegetables
Jun 21
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