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Low Fat Alternatives Food Choices

We have received excellent feedback on the low fat alternatives list from previous posts. Here are additional low-fat alternatives for cereals, pasta and grains for you providing low-fat alternative foods to enjoy. High Fat Food: Ramen noodles Low Fat Alternative: Rice or noodles (spaghetti, macaroni, etc.) High Fat Food: Pasta with white sauce (alfredo) Low Fat Alternative: Pasta with red sauce (marinara) High Fat Food: Pasta with cheese sauce Low Fat Alternative: Pasta with vegetables (primavera) High Fat Food: Granola Low Fat Alternative: Bran Flakes, crispy rice High Fat Food: Cooked grits or oatmeal Low Fat Alternative: Reduced-fat granola Another way to enjoy low fat food is to enjoy our fat-free fruit salsa, cherry juice or some dried cherries in your cereal.    
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