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May 26

Great news…it is official! The first cherry blossom of 2014 has been spotted in Northern Michigan. I wanted to reach out and let you know that the cherry buds are starting to blossom. This is great news for the upcoming cherry season. During the extremely harsh cold temperatures this past winter year, the blossoms are a little late in blooming, however, thanks to the warmer winds and welcoming rains, the season is starting out great. While we still do not know what the overall crop yield will until each blossom turns into an actual cherry. Once all of the blossoms...

Feb 06
The red tart cherry is a natural source of melatonin and a lot of people are starting to drink the cherry juice for sleep benefits. I just wrote a great article about the cherry juice sleep benefits. It includes information on published research regard a two week study conducted on older adults and how drinking cherry juice helped the participants in the study to get an average of 17 minutes more of sleep.