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Managing Arthritis Pain – Assemble Your Team of Professionals

For individuals suffering from arthritis, two main goals seem to be top of mind when managing this disease. The first is pain management, while the second is reducing the progression. Depending on the type of pain, its severity and where it originates, managing pain can be as simple as soaking the afflicted areas in warm water and Epsom salt. However, it also it can be very complex, too. For example, managing a hurting ankle is less complex than treating the syndrome of fibromyalgia. The first step in pain management is to assemble your team. This means your approach encompasses a multidisciplinary approach and you enjoy the professional services of several individuals. Although this seems like a very simplistic approach, it works very well and you decide the type of individuals you need on your team. The reason is all of the members of your team will be in communication with each other and you’ll be receiving top-notch solutions. For example, for medications your team member would be a pharmacist. Next, a physical therapist would share appropriate joint movement and exercise information. A neurologist may be helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of nerve pain. Finally, a natural practitioner can help you decide the best types of natural remedies and home solutions. Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate and Tart Cherry Capsules for Achy Joints Once you assemble your team have them communication with each other. Also treatment services should be recommended by each and they will guide you through duration, intensity and help to relieve the pain within the body. For example, physicians incorporate diagnostic procedures, physical examination and maybe even imaging studies. This allows them to understand the origin and the pain and recommend more effective treatment protocols. Certified natural practitioners will probably begin working with a diagnostic approach, too. Once they have an understanding of your individual situation, they will be better able to work with you. While there are over 100 different types of names that fall under the general term of arthritis, most of commonly diagnosed is osteoarthritis. This term simply means joint inflammation. There are a number of different symptoms, too. These include pain, swelling, stiffness and redness. Using a combination of medications and natural remedies, as suggested by your doctor, plus an exercise routine may help to improve an individuals condition. Finally, the type of pain management treatment protocols recommended for you by each member of your team will depend on the type of arthritis you may be will depend upon your ability to follow recommendations, your age, your height and weight, the type of arthritis from which you suffer in a variety of other factors which will impact the ability of any recommended protocols to be successful in your individual circumstances.
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