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The 4 Things That Make a Great Salsa

Did you know their are 4 things that make a great salsa? That's right! Salsa is one of the favorite condiments for a number of people. Not only does it add great taste to almost any meal, it's a fat-free food, too. However, with all of the different types of salsas available what makes one salsa taste great, while another simply tastes like ketchup? We believe their are four things that make a great salsa and here they are:
  1. The aroma of the salsa. When you first open the jar of salsa or have a bowl of salsa brought to your table while dining out, you want to enjoy the aroma of the salsa. In fact, salsa tasting is the new wine tasting. Salsa should be enjoyed like a good glass of wine. The ability to smell the aroma of the salsa itself. For example, if you're enjoying red raspberry salsa, you would want to enjoy the aroma of red raspberries. The aroma adds to the overall enjoyment of the salsa.
  2. The ability to taste the main ingredient. For example, when you purchase a cherry salsa you want to taste the cherries. You wouldn't what to taste the tomatoes when you were expecting the cherry taste.
  3. The ability to taste all of the other ingredients. After you taste the main ingredient, all of the other ingredients including the peppers, onions, tomatoes, etc. should be able to be tasted and enjoyed. They should be blending perfectly and supporting the main ingredient no matter what the main ingredient is.
  4. Just enough heat. The heat of the salsa should be just enough to quality the recipe as a salsa, but not overwhelm the main ingredient and other ingredients in the recipe. The heat level should provide an overall pleasurable experience without ruining your taste buds or making your eyes water. :-)
The 4 Things that Make a Great Salsa Check out this infographic about the 4 things that make a great salsa. Also, be sure to check out complete line of award winning fruit and gourmet salsa, too.  
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