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Never Worry About Your Cherry Juice Breaking During Shipping

We have received a lot of calls and emails lately from customers saying they really like how we pack each order of our tart cherry juice and other products prior to shipping. I would like to say thank you for all of the compliments. We take great pride in individually wrapping each bottle of our cherry juice so it don't get damaged during shipping. In fact, we have an extensive checklist each order must go through prior to leaving our distribution center. Check out just a few of the steps from our manual:
  • Each employee must attend an extensive 2-hour training product packaging
  • Each order is carefully reviewed for accuracy prior to the box being closed and taped
  • Each employee must meet accuracy tests continuously
Those are only a few of the steps we take to ensure all of our customers receive exactly what they ordered and their order gets delivered undamaged. So check out this step-by-step video on how we package up your order prior to leaving our distribution center.
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