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Sleeping Cherry Trees

Sleeping Cherry TreesThe cherry trees are getting a well-earned vacation. As the temperature continues to drop and the snow piles up, Northern Michigan ski slopes and winter-related businesses are buzzing with business, but cherry orchards are enjoying some well deserved down time. After a busy summer harvest, this time of year allows the cherry trees to rejuvenate their energy for the 2014 harvest season. It fact, the cold winter months are vital to the continued health of the cherry tree and it's ability to produce cherries. Of course, the cherries are then produced into juice. You see, cherry trees thrive in light, sandy soil and require a good source of water. That is why over 60% of all tart cherries are grown in Northern Michigan. In addition, to the favorable soil, the weather patterns are ideal. The winter snow actually helps the tree to remain warm throughout the winter. In addition, as the snow melts it provides additional water for the new season. Also, many of the cherry orchards are along hills with exposure to Lake Michigan. This allows wind drainage and keeps a constant flow of air through the orchards all year long. This helps with the overall health and production capability of the orchards. Check out these great photos of sleeping cherry trees in Northern Michigan.   20003             20006      
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