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U-Pick Cherries Available Shortly

U Pick Cherry Orchard - Traverse Bay Farms U Pick Cherry Orchard - Traverse Bay Farms[/caption] Check out these photos of just a few of the tart cherry trees. The cherries are really starting to show. They are slowing turning from yellow to bright red and will be available are harvesting within in the next week or so. Also, if you're in Northern Michigan you'll be able enjoy U-pick cherry orchards too. Picking your own cherries right from the trees is an excellent way to spend a stress free afternoon with the family. Also, once the cherries are harvested and process, we'll have a brand new batch of Michigan-grown, Montmorency tart cherries to make tart cherry juice, dried cherries and more.   This year is looking like it'll be one of the best years for cherries in over  decade. This means we'll have plenty of fresh cherries to ship all over the country. So keep an eye-out on our website for the shipping of fresh cherries, or if you've asked to contact you with an email, we'll be sending an email alert out as soon as we get more information when we are able to ship fresh cherries directly to your door.
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