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Best Cherry Juice Concentrate

Best Cherry JuiceWhat makes the best cherry juice concentrate? Many factors go into what is the best cherry juice concentrate. These include price, taste profile, package, quality and ease of use. Over the last few years a number of companies selling tart cherry juice concentrate and other cherry-based products have popped up. The majority of these companies are based in Michigan or other cherry growing states around the U.S.. This means they probably don't know where their cherries come from and more importantly, may not be able to answer basic questions about the natural health benefits of the product or some other questions relating to the tart cherries. Thus, causing frustration with customers. In this post, I wanted to share some the things we learned over the past 10 + years in the super fruit industry offers cherry juice concentrate, blueberry juice concentrate and other fruit-based products. Here is a list to consider when deciding which is the best cherry juice concentrate for your and your health needs:
  • Taste: This is perhaps the most important factor when purchasing a consumable product. No matter how healthy a product is, if you don't like the taste you probably won't be enjoying the product over an extended period of time. Also since drinking cherry juice is a great way to enjoy a healthy and arthritis-free lifestyle, you'll probably find yourself using cherry juice on a daily basis. One of the most important items to consider is the taste of the products. Our Fruit Advantage juice concentrate is only bottled in glass bottles, so this mean you don't have to worry about "plastic leaching". This occurs when a food product is packaged a in plastic bottle and the food itself "pulls" plastic molecule from the bottle into the food. This can affect the over taste of the final products. Since our juice is bottled in glass bottles, you don't have to worry about any taste altering plastic molecules in your bottle.
  • Packaging: As mentioned above, glass others a number of benefits over plastic bottles. In addition to taste, glass bottle offer the convenience and confidence of being shelf stable. This means you don't have to refrigerate our juice concentrate until it opened. Saving you space in your refrigerator and the money spent to keep it cold.
  • Quality and Ease of Use: Cherry juice is measured in brix levels. This is basically the amount of natural sugar. The highest quality is measured at 68 brix and anything else doesn't match up. Look for cherry juice made with 68 brix concentrate.
  • Price: This is final area to look for in a product. We all have had the experience of buying a product based solely on price and were disappointed. So when looking for cherry juice concentrate, the lowest price may indicate the product has been blended with an apple juice or other juices. This not only reduces the final price, but also the product is not 100% pure cherry juice. Also, consider the country of origin since many companies are selling product imported from Poland, Turkey or China. What makes our product different is our product is make with Michigan-grown Montmorency cherries.
So the next time you're looking for the best cherry juice concentrate, take a peek at the list above as a guide to select
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