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Nov 26
Add a cherry flair to your favorite salsa - sweet and spicy salsa combination for the salsa lover in all of us!
Nov 12
Tart Cherry Recipes - Brie Torte - With the holidays coming up, this tasty appetizer is easy to transport to parties and makes a great hostess gift. Best of all this a quick-n-easy recipe to make at home and travel with or you can take all of the ingredients and make it onsite when you arrive at your destination.
Nov 07
Acorn Squash and Dried Cherry Bake from the Traverse Bay Farms collection of cherry recipes.
Oct 29
Spooky Bloodshot Eyeball Cookies - Kids of all ages will get a kick out of these Halloween cookies!
Oct 26
Spider's Web Dip - An excellent dip and good for all ages. Fun to make and fun to watch the expressions on your guest's faces
Oct 18
Halloween Recipes - Witch's Hat Cookies
Oct 17
This recipe will catch the "eye" of your guest and it makes a fun appetizer that kids love and adults will love serving them at their Halloween Party.
Oct 16
Fun and Scary Halloween Treat Series - Brains on the Half Skull
Oct 10
This is the favorite oatmeal cookie recipe that gets a tasty addition with dried cherries and cherry juice.
Oct 08
Carrots with Dried Cherries, Cherry Juice and a Dash of Character
Sep 24
Dried Cherry Recipes - Spiced Dried Cherry Salad
Sep 19
Maraschino Lemonade Pops with Cherry Juice