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How to Manage a Gout Attack in 2020

How to Manage a Gout Attack in 2020

According to Gout page on Wikipedia, depending on the type of food you eat and the condition of your gout, an attack can occur as soon as 30 minutes after eating certain types of food. However, for most people it can be up to 24 hours or longer to experience a full gout attack.

So bad habits can really hurt your joints.

The reason for the delay in a gout attack is it takes time for the proteins and purine content to be broken down into uric acid. Uric acid is a natural byproduct of metabolism.

However, for some people it accumulated in the blood and forms painful crystals called uric acid crystals. This is what causes the gout attack.

These newly formed crystals travel the body through the bloodstream. However, since this crystal formation is heavily then the blood carrying it, they some are pulled to the lower portions of the body due to gravity.

This is the main reason why gout sufferers experience a gout attack in their feet when compared to other areas of the body.

In addition, the spaces between the joints of the big toe are among the largest in the body. These spacious areas soon become a magnet to jagged, pain causing crystals.

According to a study published in Wiley Online Library a gout attack was twice as likely to during the night, compared to the daytime. The researchers pointed to several possible findings for this result including dehydration, lower body temperature and a less active body.

So what should you do to reduce the pain of a gout attack when it occurs?

How to Lessen the Pain of an Attack

Treating a sudden gout attack requires a rapid response. Learn how what you can do to lessen the pain of an attack.

#1: Stay hydrated

Tart Cherry Juice for GoutDehydration can contribute to the severity of a gout attack. Drink plenty of fluids including water and tart cherry juice during and after the gout attack. Published research has shown drinking Tart Cherry Juice helps to dissolve uric acid crystals that form between the joints.

Once dissolved these former crystals will be carried from the afflicted area in the blood and then finally flushed out through the kidneys. Another benefit to drinking fluids is it cause you to urinate more often. The more you urinate, the faster you can flush excess uric acid from the body. Click Here for Tart Cherry Juice

#2: Grab ice and cool down the area

If you don’t have an official ice pack, the next best option is to grab some ice cubes and place them in a plastic resealable bag. To keep the plastic bag filled with ice from getting to cold, wrap the bag in a dish cloth. Next, apply the wrapped bag of ice to the afflicted area to help ease the inflammation and pain.

Another popular option is to use a bag of frozen peas. Wrap the bag of peas in a dish towel and apply it to the area. If possible, try to keep the ice pack on the area for at least 20 - 25 minutes. Repeat several times during the night and following day.

#3: Get Naked…AHH! What is going on?

Yes, you read that right, but only get the part of the body that is suffering a gout attack naked. Make sure to keep clothing off your bare foot and big toe. 

#4: Consider Taking Over-the-Counter pain medication

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications including aspirin can be a good way to manage acute gout pain. Always consult with your healthcare provide before taking any type of OTC medication.

#5: Don’t drink alcohol

Sipping on a glass of wine or enjoying a quick shot of whiskey to help relax may sound like a great way to relax during a gout attack but avoid the temptation. Alcohol, including beer, wine and whiskey, contain high levels of purines. Excess purines are the initial cause the gout attack. In addition, alcohol slows the removal of uric acid from the body. If you are looking for something to drink during gout attack, enjoy a fresh cold glass of water or, as mentioned above, a glass of tart cherry juice.

#6: Keep your foot elevated and get a cane

Get a cane, so you can walk around the house as you recover. Also, while resting, place a pillow under your foot. Keep the height of your foot, higher than your chest.

#7: Cut up some socks

Make gout-friendly socks. Simply grab some socks and cut the toe section completely out. This will allow your foot to remain warm, your gout afflicted toe to “get naked” and you won’t have any weight from the socks weighing on your toe.

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Disclaimer: Consult your health care professional prior to making changes to your diet or eat new types of food. This is for informational use only.