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Cherry Juice and Heart Health

[caption id="attachment_939" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Cherry Juice"]Cherry Juice Health Benefits[/caption] Did you know that oxidative damage to the cells caused by free radicals is a major contributor to negative functions of the vascular system? In a study conducted by the researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine in FortWayne on pigs, it found that anthocyanins, which are naturally occurring in tart cherries and cherry juice, when consumed in large amounts, enhanced vaso-relaxation. In another study conducted in 2006 (Bell) indicated even small amounts of tart cherries and possibly cherry juice helped maintain cardiovascular health. In addition, in a published study in the Journal of Nutrition also supports the outcome of previous studies and found that anthocyanins benefited vascular area in rat (Andriambeloson 1998).
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