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Cherry Juice Sleep

Tart Cherry Juice Sleep ReportOver the past few years, one area that has caught the attention of researchers in any type of natural product or remedy that helps with improving one’s sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation lack of sleep has serious repercussions on many areas of our lives including work and behind the wheel while driving.   In fact, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates nearly 100,000 crashes annually are the direct result of fatigue. In addition, the statistics tells us that that driving fatigue affects nearly all ages. Here are some interesting facts about driving fatigue:   When compared to other age groups, individuals between 18 – 29 are more likely drive while fatigued or drowsy. This younger age group is 71% more likely to drive when compared to ages 30 – 64. While those 65+ are only 19% likely to drive while drowsy.   Men are likely than women to drive drowey. In fact, men compare 56% vs 45% and are almost twice as likely to fall asleep while driving (22% to 12%)   Shift workers and those professions with unusually schedules including doctors, nurses and truck drivers are more likely to drive drowsy (36% to 25%) than those with regular work schedules.   In addition to lack of sleep affecting our driving, it also affects work-related accidents.  According to information from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, nearly 30% of American workers are not getting enough sleep. Sleep expects advise that getting less than six hours of sleep per day can lead to both health and safety issues.   So how can drinking cherry juice help sleep?   According to the study published in December 2012 edition of the European Journal of Nutrition drinking tart cherry juice increases melatonin in the body and helps with the overall quality of sleep.   The study had an even mix of both men and women with the average age of the participants being 26.6 years old. During the seven-day study the participants were given either placebo or tart cherry juice concentrate. Each serving of the tart cherry juice is equivalent to 90-100 cherries. During the study, the participants drank a glass in the morning and then again in the evening.   The results of the study were then analyzed and pointed to the fact that the amount of melatonin in the body increased for those participants who drank the tart cherry juice concentrate. In addition, total sleep time increased average of 34 minutes, over a full-half an hour and the quality of sleep increased over 5%.   Not only does this cherry red sleep drink contain melatonin, but all a number of other phenolic compounds that help with antioxidant capability but inflammation, too. The presence of these powerful and potent compounds will help you to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle for many years to come. So the next time you’re looking for a natural way to increase the melatonin in your body, increase your time spent sleeping and most importantly an all-natural drink, enjoy some tart cherry juice concentrate.
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