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Discover the Cherry Benefits

The cherry benefits of this little red fruit has a number of amazing advantages to it. The most widely know benefit of the tart cherry is its ability to help maintain healthy joint function. One of the reasons it may help maintain healthy joints is due to the fact that the cherry benefits from being a natural source of naturally occuring anthocyanins. Anthocyanins in cherries were first discovered by researchers at Michigan State University a number of years back and since them a number of other organizations have also conducted research on this little red fruit. Although the cherry is one of Nature's leading source of naturally occuring anthocyanins, researchs also have pointed out that the overal benefit of cherries could be due to the synergistic properties of all of the compounds in the fruit working together. It is also a source of melatonin, Vitamin A, C, E and number of other healthy compounds.  We have put together and excellent resource guide entitled "Tart Cherry Health Report" that you can download free from our home page. This 100+ page free downloadable book contains an overview of some of the research conducted on this ruby red fruit and also have a number of tasty recipes including some cherry juice recipes. Enjoy some cherry benefits today.
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