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How to Get Cherries into your Diet

With today’s active and hectic lifestyles, incorporating cherries into your daily diet may seem difficult. Here are a ten simple ideas to enjoy the natural health benefits of cherries everyday:
  1. Create A Fruity ParfaitAdd some granola to yogurt and some frozen cherries for tasty snack.
  2. Enjoy Straight from the Bag – Cherries are available in single serve size packs of 4 oz or 8 oz. dried cherry bags. Keep these single serve bags in your desk drawer or purse for a quick and healthy snack.
  3. Convenient and Easy with Tart Cherry Capsules- Easy-to-swallow cherry capsules are a great way to get to the antioxidant health benefits of the tart cherry. They are very convenient and they don’t need refrigeration. Just two cherry capsules equal the specific antioxidant equivalent of five glasses of tart cherry juice without the sugar.
  4. Add Cherries to Breakfast Toss and handful of frozen or dried cherries to your favorite breakfast recipe, oatmeal or cereal.
  5. Sprinkle Away – Sprinkle tart cherry powder on all types of food for both a yummy cherry taste and a meal rich in anti-oxidants. Tart cherry powder is very versatile.
  6. Blend It Up Wheat germ, some ice, a banana, frozen berries, low-fat milk and cherry juice concentrate to start the day off right. Enjoy this on the way to work.
  7. Cherries on the GoAdd an ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate to your water bottle and shake. This quick and easy mixture will make a 100% pure and refreshing cherry drink. This is great to enjoy while driving, biking or walking.
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