Make cherry juice from concentrate

Jul 22
Many of our customers have contacted us to asked how to make cherry juice from our concentrate. In this post I have included a complete step-by-step guide on making cherry juice right in your own kitchen. With the hot weather gripping most of U.S. this week, it is a time to enjoy something cold. Here are some refreshing ideas to enjoy this tangy red drink during the hot summer month.
  • Add a splash of cherry juice concentrate to your favorite adult beverage. A little added to wine or a mixed drink brings a different dimension to your enjoyment
  • Keep premixed picture in your refrigerator. The mixing ratio is one ounce of the concentrate with 7 ounces of water. So if you are mixing an entire bottle of our 16 oz Fruit Advantage concentrate, this will make 112 ounces of mixed juice. You'll need a gallon container for an entire bottle. In addition, the mixed drink will last in your refrig long enough for you to enjoy it.
  • Mix the concentrate with water and place then in your ice cube tray. When you ready, simply grab a few ice cubes and toss them in any drink.
Here is a complete step-by-step video how to make cherry juice right in your own kitchen.

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